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An interview with WRAL in Raleigh on the publication of A Dredging in Swann.

My interview in Scottsdale with Larry Siegel, discussing A (not The!) Dredging in Swann!

On February 2, 2021, I was intervewed by Bill Kenower on his radio program, Author to Author. Bill is a writer and well-known teacher of writing. We had a cheery chat, that went, from time to time, sort of deep.

On August, 10, 2020, I was honored to be the guest writer at the Durham County Library Mystery Book CLub, hosted by Della Owens. A good time was had by all, for which many thanks to Della.

My Reading Schedule

A Dredging in Swann was published January 28, 2020, just as Covid was gearing up for its onslaught.  I was able to visit a few of the bookstores I had scheduled—and then barely made it home from Scottsdale!

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