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I grew up in Arizona, then the Alaskan wilderness north of Juneau (where, I am fond of saying, we lived with whales in the front yard and bears in the back yard).


The photo is Duncan, a friend from Arizona, and me (on left) in the midst of a rafting adventure—with empty paint cans as tip-preventing outriggers.

Now I live beside a creek outside Durham, North Carolina, with my wife, Cynthia, and dog, Blue, both excellent companions. I built a cabin beside the creek, and in the mornings I go down there to write. In the afternoons, I throw pots, garden, read, discuss life (and plot, character, and pace) with Cynthia, and sometimes lure her and Blue to the coast to float around the Outer Banks in a little sailboat. I just finished a second Seb Creek novel entitled Four Evenings.

Pots? Yes, I make pottery. In fact I earned a living doing that for forty years, part of that time making a line of porcelain jewelry. You can see it at blue bus studio store. It’s made using the ancient millefiori technique of slicing cross-sections from intricate colored porcelain loaves. I’ll get some pictures of it posted in the photo section eventually.

Image of Tim and Duncan on a raft
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